How to Upsell Medical Products and Services

The author know sales and his points are, for the most part, valid. With that said, the work of a healthcare marketer seems so cold and soul-less when laid out like this. Geoffrey James on BNET:

Once you’ve confirmed that a prospect has insurance coverage as well as additional money to cover extra expenses, your job as physician now becomes selling that prospect as many procedures as possible.  For example, if you work in OBGYN, every natural birth is money out of your pocket, because there’s far more revenue (and profit!!!) when you book a Caesarean.  In addition, once you know that the prospect is going into the operating room, there’s the opportunity to sell additional services, such as tubal litigation, removal of endometriosis adhesions, and so forth.  Ideally, you want to sell a package of services that satisfy ALL the prospect’s needs, even those needs of which she is not yet aware.  Think of it this way: by creating a package of services you’re actually reducing the overall cost for the consumer, while making sure that the revenue comes to you, rather than some other provider!”

Here it is:

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