Gregg Lipman: Communications Advice For J&J

Johnson & Johnson has had its share of problems: shady dealings, quality control, and less-than-stellar public relations.  This MarketingProfs piece does a nice job of pointing out failures and offering good advice for how to do things better.

But, J&J, I’ve been disappointed with the way you’ve handled the recalls of your products, as well as by some business dealings, in the past year. Little by little, your products disappeared from shelves—to be exact, there have been 22 product recalls, involving well over 300 million bottles of medicines, since September 2009—without so much as a peep out of you. (Most notably, OB Tampons went missing, only to return in April, more than six months later … without nary a statement as to why they’d been pulled in the first place.) I waited for explanations … silence.”

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