One Way to Boost Gastroenterology Profits – Market Colonoscopies

Colonoscopies have proven to be a tough sell – let’s hope social media amplifies the buzz that gets folks in for the test. Leigh Page in Becker’s ASC Review:

Under the healthcare reform law, insurers are required to cover the entire cost of screening colonoscopies, but do most Americans know that? “We are beginning to see an increase in marketing in general,” Mr. Tanner says. “Marketing definitely does have its place and we know that it can have a positive impact.” Much of colonoscopy marketing would be done at the practice level because the focus is on making patients aware of the need and the care that GI-physicians provide.

Mr. Tanner believes marketing can be implemented in part through e-mail and social media. “In today’s information age, characterized by instant feedback, I believe that up-to-date patient-communication portals are the key,” he says. “As healthcare changes, and as patient awareness grows and patients do more homework on their own, prior to consulting with a physician, I believe physicians are starting to see a need for remaining relevant in today’s electronic age.”

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