What to Do When a Pissed Off Patient Posts on Twitter

No matter how good your services are, there will always be an unhappy customer. Or customers. Now, social media gives them an outlet to voice their discontent to the world. Take a look at how the Cleveland Clinic deals. Deb Beaulieu on Fierce Practice Management:

How the organization responds to such communications has evolved over time, Milicia said, but one hard and fast rule is that it’s a priority to respond quickly. In fact, its goal is to respond to any patient complaint made via Twitter within just two hours (or 24 hours for Facebook). To accomplish this, a team of five communications employees, including Milicia, take turns alternating ‘Twitter duty’ for a week at a time.

Whenever possible, the team member sends the patient who wrote the tweet a direct message (a private, 140-character message between two Twitter users who are following each other) requesting a phone number for a Clinic representative to call the patient to discuss the matter further.”

Read more: Facebook and Twitter: How to deal with patient complaints – FiercePracticeManagement http://www.fiercepracticemanagement.com/story/facebook-and-twitter-how-deal-patient-complaints/2011-05-24?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=internal#ixzz1NO4fRWhI

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