Six Good Reasons Your Institution/Practice Should be on ‘Foursquare’

The attached article offers five reasons to sign on to Foursquare (ease, growth of the platform, connecting with prospects, beating competition, and gaining a tech savvy image), and I’ll add one more: it’s fun. Molly Merrill in Healthcare IT News:

There are more than 2 million check-ins on Foursquare each day. When a user is looking for something, such as a doctor’s office, they can check in to Foursquare to search what they’re looking for and see what’s nearby. If your medical practice hasn’t claimed its location on Fourquare – or if no one has done it for you (anyone can add a place), you won’t be found. If you have claimed your place and provided a description of your medical practice, you just may be found by someone in real time who’s looking for a dentist, say, or an ear, nose and throat doctor. Why would someone look for a doctor’s office on Foursquare? Because it’s easy to use, it’s local, it’s fun and it’s likely to have real recommendations from friends.”


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