UK Uses Tattoos To Boost STD Screening

A clever “guerilla marketing” campaign uses temporary tattoos to raise awareness of Chlamydia among young people and spur testing. Chris Gomm in

To carry on the momentum of this success NHS Northamptonshire has recently launched the next phase, with a new ‘guerilla marketing’ outreach campaign using temporary tattoos and comical transfer stickers which are being used on cars and windows across the county and highlight the fact that ‘anybody can get Chlamydia’. The tattoos and transfers include messages such as ‘Even a hot babe like you can get Chlamydia’ and ‘even ugly people get Chlamydia’.
Jason May, Chlamydia Screening Promotion Specialist, said: “We are always looking for new ways to raise the profile of Chlamydia and promote our Chlamydia Screening service, and the key to our campaign’s success has been targeting young people using the media they are interested in. The stickers and tattoos are a fun way of spreading the word and giving our service greater visibility. The messages on the stickers and tattoos are designed to make people curious and hopefully encourage them to go to our website –” 


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