On Selling Sugary Snacks to Obese Children

Lawyers defend their practice by saying even the most heinous criminal has the right to competent legal representation. Can marketers say that even the most fattening, unhealthy snack has the right to competent marketing representation? Jaclyn Bruntfield in RyePatch.com:

Regardless of how immoral and shameless such tactics may seem, marketers use this rationale: Children comprise a multi-billion dollar market, and what better way to instill brand loyalty and increase lifetime profits than by marketing to the youngest, most vulnerable members of society? Nestle quotes one marketer saying, “Kids are a growing demographic and [the companies] are trying to get in on the ground floor.” Another marketing strategist defended childhood advertising as “nothing less than primary education in commercial life.”

Curious? http://rye.patch.com/articles/childhood-advertising-food-marketers-want-your-kids-to-eat-their-products-2

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