Pass This Along to Your CEO

A nice little collection of communication strategies for hospital CEOs. Molly Gamble in Becker’s Hospital Review:

Invest in a strong communication team. Whether through outside or inside resources (or both), hospitals should make the necessary investment in a strong communications team – one that has creative talent, solid writing capabilities and, ideally, experience in the healthcare industry. Integrate that expertise and use it.

Ms. Crawford has multiple hospital clients, and she says that the most important feature of a strong team relationship is non-stop communication. “We talk daily, probably five times a day, and also meet in person regularly. That allows us to understand their nuances or when there is a slight change in tenor,” says Ms. Crawford.

A communication team and hospital that are loosely-connected can run into problems. “Let’s say a hospital is entering a transaction, and gives the communication team information about it,” says Ms. Crawford. “Important questions often need to be answered and understood in order for that message to be communicated clearly.” This is where nuances come into play — a communication team may recognize certain risks or opportunities a hospital faces if they’re in frequent contact. “By talking regularly, I can consider every angle of a development or announcement and refine the message appropriately,” says Ms. Crawford.”


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