Hospital Marketing Made Easy

In the current Becker’s Hospital Review you’ll find “Ten Secrets of Top Hospital Marketers,’ though I wouldn’t call any of what’s offered a ‘secret.’ Instead, it’s a straightforward statement of the hospital marketer’s responsibilities and needs. I offer the link because it’s a handy thing to pass along to the boss. By Lindsey Dunn:

Savvy hospitals also focus on providing an excellent patient experience through customer service training, reducing wait times and upgrading amenities, says Mr. Rivkin. A 1999 study by Kaiser Permanente Northern California of 2,000 women revealed that the impact of insensitive behavior is so strong that it negatively influences satisfaction and increases the likelihood of negative word of mouth.  Additionally, a Dec. 2010 study by researchers at the USC Center for Health Policy & Economics published in the New England Journal of Medicine found “patients themselves said that the non-clinical experience is twice as important as the clinical reputation in making hospital choices.”
While improving patient experience isn’t typically led by the marketing department, marketers play an important role in informing leaders on problems with patient experience and educating them on the need for change. ”


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