Healthcare Marketing for Real Men

Youth in a bottle. Sales of testosterone treatments have risen 133% in four years, reaching $1.6 billion. Does this mean we’ll soon receive spam pushing fake testosterone pills? Regardless, we’ll likely see testosterone marketing and media exceeding that for Viagra. Shannon Pettypiece in Businessweek:

Marketers know what makes men tick. Selling testosterone's promise of youth and sexual prowess won't be hard.Abbott subsidizes insurance co-pays of patients who use its AndroGel testosterone drug, letting users pay as little as $10 a month out of pocket. Abbott spokesman Greg Miley says the company only promotes AndroGel for Food and Drug Administration-approved uses in men diagnosed with low levels of the hormone by a doctor. “Low testosterone is a chronic but treatable disease, and our marketing efforts around disease awareness are designed to raise awareness about this,” Miley says.

Lilly began running TV, online, and print ads last year for its testosterone drug Axiron, which was approved by U.S. regulators in 2010 and is applied under the arm through a device similar to a deodorant stick. Lilly is offering a free 30-day supply of Axiron for new users. The ads are intended to “help educate men about low testosterone and encourage them to seek treatment,” says Lilly spokeswoman Teresa Shewman.


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