Referral-Development Consultants: The New Marketing Gold Mine

With 70% of specialist referrals coming from primary care physicians, the marketing opportunities are clear. This article does a nice job of showing how the process works and where it’s taking us. Missy Sullivan in SmartMoney:

In this business, it’s all about pitching one doctor to another — often without one having seen the other in action, or face-to-face. On this morning, McKenzie is promoting two clients: a 20-doctor orthopedic group trying to fend off a nearby competitor and a solo urogynecologist who handles pelvic and bladder issues. But she knows she has only a few minutes to get through her pitch, a spiel that touches on a host of body parts, from arthritic hands and hips (“We’ve got some top surgeons”) to leaky bladders (“Do you get many older patients complaining of incontinence?”). Not an expert on medicine herself, McKenzie has brought along some show-and-tell, including a glossy flier that looks like a yearbook page for the lab-coat set, complete with 20 smiling head shots of doctors posing with diplomas or spinal vertebrae models.”


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