My name is Chris Falk and I got into healthcare marketing before “blog” was a word.

Most of my work (social marketing, PR, marketing) has been with public health non-profits. I love the business, the healthcare field and work that helps folks in need.

I’ve always wanted a one-stop website where I could grab a quick look at healthcare marketing and PR news. No sponsored articles, pop-ups, white papers or other commercial BS. I’ve got little tolerance for nonsense like that.

Also thought it would be nice to have someone scan newsletters, bulletins and websites for tips that make marcom easier. Separate the wheat from the chaff. My inbox is filled with marketing and PR ‘information,’ but a lot of it’s self-serving rubbish and obvious generalities.

 I thought it was time someone created a blog that offered that kind of help, and here it is.   If you’ve got comments, ideas, complaints, feedback or whatever, email it to me and I promise to give it a once over.

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